Where do I start? I can’t tell the whole story because it’d take too many pages, so here is an ultra-condensed version.

Born and bred in England when pop music was real music. Top of the Pops provided the soundtrack to everyone’s life and the mainstream was cool.

As a kid in the 1970s I was into the sound of the electric guitar and the synthesizer, although I didn’t realize what they really were. I started piano lessons at age seven because it was something to do rather than something I really wanted to do. I gave that up at the age of 12, after being taunted by my friends at school for being a “sissy” (what a fool I was to listen to them). However, they turned out to be bigger fools when they realized there was nothing sissy about playing a musical instrument after my musical foundation from the piano helped spark a new fire for music at the age of 18 when I got an electric guitar.

That was the end of the 1980’s and I spent the 1990’s learning the ropes, playing in bands and developing my style of playing. It was during this time that my obsession with rhythm developed and made me describe myself as a drummer in a guitarist’s body – I’m a sucker for a groove and no matter what style of music I’m playing, I always “Funk it up” some!

I started writing songs (badly) during the 90s whilst getting heavily into recording and ran my own mobile recording studio in the back of a VW Camper Van before the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) existed. I then studied Audio Engineering & Production in London in 1995/96, where I learned how to use a real studio with an SSL console and a 2″ tape machine.

In 1999 I stepped up my songwriting game when I started co-writing with vocalist/lyricist and invested in a small Pro Tools recording rig. When that alliance ended I was left to write songs all by myself again and the determination to do so, in order not to have to rely on anyone else to finish a song resulted in me writing some really good stuff (and some not-so-good stuff!)

Somewhere in the middle of that in 2004 I went backpacking in South East Asia and had a life-changing experience when I survived the tsunami that devastated several countries. I was in Thailand – well actually I was in the water off Thailand – Yes it was an experience I cannot forget!

My Thailand experience caused me to meet and fall in love with somebody who is now my wife. We now live together in Phuket, Thailand with our daughter and I have been here since 2008. That was about the same time I started writing by myself (and nowadays I also co-write with people all around the world) and since then I have written hundreds of songs.

It’s been a long journey and it’s still in full swing!

I play live regularly, write songs by day, often during the night when inspiration hits and as I keep saying: LIFE IS MUSIC, MUSIC IS LIFE!

Rob C