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I’m Stoked!

I absolutely love my Tonetubby Alnico 10″ speaker that I received as a gift from John Harrison, the man who brought this superb hemp-cone speaker into existence. It’s been a big part of my tone for over 15 years.

I also have another one of these speakers, which was left stored in an attic after it suffered a tear in the cone (I still don’t know how it was damaged or who did it!)

On a recent trip to the UK where this 2nd speaker is stored, I decided to dig it out, so I could try and sell it for a knock-down price as damaged. However I thought about how possible it might be to repair it myself. After a quick search online I discovered that it might be a very simple fix and indeed it seems to have been just that!

I patched up the rear of the tear with a few off-cuts of a coffee filter, using PVA glue. Then I went over the newly-joined tear on the top of the cone with some clear nail varnish. It appears that this patch-up will hold as it feels pretty strong. I will have to wait until I get home before I can test it, but I’m confident that it will work perfectly.

As a safeguard I will probably swap the existing Tonetubby 10″ in my ISO cab with this one as I will never need to turn the amp up very loud, just in case it is less capable at higher volumes and I’m going to build a new 1×10″ cab, which I’m currently designing for using live.

This is really great news for me because I really love the smooth tone of the Tonetubby “Red” speaker and now I’ll hopefully have the tone I love in the studio and on stage. Result!

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