Tonerider Alnico2 Blues TRS4 Demo!

Video Demonstration

Prototype set of the brand new Tonerider Alnico II Blues set. Model number TRS4 for Stratocaster. These are my currently new favourite pickups. I was really lucky to be offered the chance to try these pickups before they are readily available.

This video follows my written review of what are currently my favourite pickups from Tonerider.

They were kindly provided by Cheap Elite/Legend Music – the official Tonerider distributer for Thailand.

At the time of posting this video, there are very few people who have these. I’ll be posting more videos about these pickups, so subscribe to my channel and look out for an overdriven demo soon.

The recorded music in this video I made using these very pickups with my Quilter Toneblock going direct into Protools and then passed through a 2×12 cab sim of Avid’s Eleven plugin.

I uploaded a new version with different visuals after receiving some feedback on the original version. The demo/audio is still the same as before.

Tonerider Strat Pickups

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