Tonerider AlnicoII Blues TRS4 Demo 2

Video Demonstration

Prototype set of the brand new Tonerider Alnico II Blues set. Model number TRS4 for Stratocaster. These are my currently new favourite pickups. I was really lucky to be offered the chance to try these pickups before they are readily available.

Kindly provided by Cheap Elite/Legend Music – the official Tonerider distributer for Thailand.

I lost some data from my hard drive, so this video was delayed. it was originally filmed during the same session as the clean demo. Thankfully I was able to recover some of the lost data from my formatted hard drive and re-build the rest of it.

I quickly put together a guitar improvisation to demo the pickups with overdrive, which can be heard on the video too. I used these very pickups going direct through my Eleven Rack into Protools.

The guitar on the left is the neck pickup, going through an AC30 model, the guitar on the right is the bridge+middle pickups through a Fender Tweed Bassman model and the lead guitar in the centre is the bridge pickup through a Marshall Super Lead “Plexi” model.

I uploaded a new version with different visuals after receiving some feedback on the original version. The demo/audio is still the same as before.

Tonerider Strat Pickups

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