There's a Song in My Head

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Written in February 2016, this is one of several songs that are part of a rock opera concept based on the duality of light and dark.

The future of this project depends on whether there is an opportunity to put the required resources into it.

For now it’s a seed that has been sown, which I hope will grow into a full-blown rock opera!

The Concept of the Overall Story
The story was supposed to reflect the very conflicts that exist on earth and a way of pointing out that most of what humanity considers important is cursory and in fact most of what we think we know is a fabricated story.

The solution though is not an all out battle of good vs evil, more an awakening to the fact that the right attitude and intent can bring about a change for the common good and see that both (all) sides are one and the same and belong together.

The ones who won’t change end up destroying themselves.

The sub-plot of this song
The awakening of a shadow who has caught a glimpse of the true reality of life as a light and is questioning what he has been told his whole life about “the enemy”.

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