The Fender Blog is now the Rob C Music Blog

Nothing Really Has Changed!

But I did get it done way-ahead of schedule!

All my music-related activity is now in one place. Having individual websites for my various disciplines made it difficult to be focused on one thing at a time.

Now, if I only make one blog post about my guitar modifications and I don’t make any update about my studio services then I won’t feel so bad. It’s all part of my overall activities. Now with just one website I can fully focus on whatever aspect I’m working on at any given time and contribute to the overall project which is Rob C Music!

I still have a hectic “To Do” list, which needs organising and to be taken step by step, but at least now I have less burden of indecision about which website to update on any given day.

Now all the major work is done – merging and migrating all the data from three websites onto a new server, whilst keeping all the data intact and the search links from Google I can relax and update the actual content with less pressure. I can also improve the appearance of the site as I go.

Please leave a comment if you find any broken links! Thanks for the support thus far.

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