Tele Tweaks

Just in time for a gig at the weekend. I found that I wasn’t really utilising the blower switch that I installed on my Squier Vintage Modified Tele Custom II. After some thought I decided it would be a nice idea to change the function of that switch to a phase reverse for one of the pickups – I chose the neck pickup. This would add a couple of new tone options.

After tracking down a digram to make sure I knew how to wire the switch to change the polarity of the neck pickup correctly I went ahead and did it.

I’m glad I did, the out-of-phase tones in parallel are really good for funky chops and the series,¬†out-of-phase setting¬†really clears up the voice of the in-series tone, making it brighter, less muddy and hinting at that trademark Brian May lead tone when playing with gain.

Now with just two pickups and a simple control layout, this guitar has a lot of tonal variation for recording and live use.

I’m planning on installing a similar feature in the black Strat, but applying the polarity flip to the bridge pickup, so it affects all the combined settings.

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