Tele Custom Refinish – Part 5

Starting to See Red!

Wow, what a transformation. It’s really taking shape now. With the candy red coat being the top colour coat I put on the brakes a little and made sure to go very easy and in more gentle steps than I did with the flat black and the gold layers.

The first two coats went on so evenly and so easily – almost flawless right off the bat, so I thought I would stop riding my luck and capitalise on the good fortune of so easily having the supporting base coats so smooth.

The red looks great to me and with the clear on top, that colour really pops! It’s come out a little darker than I was expecting, but what I was expecting was not what I had originally dreamed of getting. The result, so far at least is that it is closer to the colour I dreamed of having, rather than what I was truly expecting.

So in two months I’ll be back to give the hardened clear coat a finishing rub down and polish. Once that black pick guard is on there with the ivory pickup covers and knobs, it’s going to look pretty good I reckon.

I can’t wait!

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