Squier Refinish Project: New Identities

The Jazz Bass and the Classic Vibe Strat refinishes are ever closer to completion as they get new identities with snazzy headstock decals.

I took delivery of the pickguard recently and I think it’s a knockout combination with the blue body on the Strat. The Jazz Bass looks cool with the black pickguard, but I’m still tempted to try out a mint green or tortoiseshell guard instead.

The big change at this stage is the headstock decals. They were relatively easy to apply, but I did very slightly mess up the Strat one. It’s not obvious until you look closely, but I nicked the ‘R’ in “Stratocaster” slightly. Also I could have better placed the “Offset Contour Body” decal on the Jazz Bass, but what can I say? I made a mistake there.

Another small nagging thing is that the clear lacquer I applied to the headstocks seems to have a slight tint to it, which has resulted in a colour mismatch between the respective bodies and ¬†headsatocks. However that may become less noticeable as the lacquer cures. It’s not a big deal really.

Overall, this project is a great success, having provided me with a great sense of achievement and satisfaction so far. I can’t wait until they’re both fitted out with their new wiring &¬†pickups and are ready to Rock ‘n’ Roll again!

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