Squier Jazz Bass Update

Refinish & Upgrade Almost Complete

I just wired up the J-Bass ready for when I put it all back together, but I discovered that one of the volume pots isn’t working properly. I sourced an affordable replacement, pre-wired loom instead, so I’ll just pop that in when it arrives.

The reason the bass isn’t fully assembled is because I am waiting for a headstock decal to arrive. Part of the application process of the decal is to┬áspray a clear coat over the top of it, so the tuning pegs will be installed after that is complete.

The strings are still hanging on the bridge too, so I haven’t put the bridge on the body yet either. I opted to use some old Strat knobs that I already had available instead of buying the typical jazz bass type knobs. I like the way they look and having a value reference for the controls. That comes in handy for replicating settings during recording for consistency.

On the whole I’m really pleased with the outcome of this refinish project – so much so that I think it’ll deserve a new set of┬áTonerider pickups.

Hey, maybe some flat-wound strings? There’s a thought!

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