Squier Classic Vibe Refinish Update

After an annoying setback the other day the Crazy Vibe Strat pulled through and is now on its way to looking (almost) professionally refinished.

The time and effort spent on lightly sanding the finish after I noticed some unacceptable anomalies in my previous spraying was well rewarded with a striking quality of finish. It’s better than I could have imagine was possible for me to accomplish. Yes I know it’s not finished yet, but I seem to have got the handle on the most important part of the process. Patience, small steps & spending the time on the stuff you don’t see because they contribute to stuff you will see at the end – stuff that will forever stick out like a sore thumb!

I intend to apply one more tin of clear coat, which amounts to about 3 more coats. Soon it’ll be time to order some parts like the desired coloured pick guard, nut and pickup covers. Well on the way!

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