“Scrap Tone” Adventures

Two Big Guitar Projects

I’ve set myself quite a challenge, which sees me re-building two guitar bodies, using pieces of scrap wood.

The cheap body I got to build a Lake Placid Blue 60’s-style Strat has now been modified and I also decided to try salvaging the old Paulownia body from the Tango/Big Apple Strat that ended up being broken completely in two pieces after an experiment went horrifically wrong!

Now both guitars are hard-tails and after changing my mind several times as to what to do with each, I decided on a radical idea for the salvaged body, which is basically a test piece. If it doesn’t work out then it was worth the learning experience trying.

I’m compiling video footage of each rebuild/mod, which I’ll post when the guitars are completed and working. That will be some time as I still have to wait to budget for some of the parts.

Here are some photos of the mess I’ve been making for the last few weeks!

Tango Strat mkII (to be some kind of orange)

Stratmaster jr (to be white)

I hope to get both these guitars finished and playing by the end of this year.

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