Quilter ToneBlock 1×12 Mod

Another Successful Hack-Job!

Itchy fingers today got me about to start cutting up scraps of plywood to make a dedicated 1×10 speaker cab, much like my 1×8 practice cab I threw together a while ago.

Currently that has no speaker because I put the Orange “Voice of the World” 8″ driver back in the Orange PPC108 cabinet (without the back panel) in my ISO box (another story and another excuse for a demo video to come in time!)

The Tonetubby 10″ Alnico is therefore unemployed, so I thought it would make for a very nice 1×10 converter cab. However I quickly decided to back out of such a big job (for me anyway) and instead thought about how simple it might be to attack my cheap, Kustom “Defender” 1×12 cab.

So that’s what I ended up doing. It only took about 2 hours from concept to completion and I’m pretty happy with it. It leaves me with the dilemma of whether to sell the Tonetubby or to go ahead at some point and build a dedicated 1×10 cab/Toneblock platform.

I will also have to try and get hold of another 8″ speaker to go in the little practice cab. The 8″ in the ISO box, after a lot of careful positioning and mic placement now sounds wonderful and is the perfect recording setup now. The Tonetubby was great before, but a bit cramped in the ISO box. With the tiny Orange cab there is no some space around it and the ISO box is helping to make it sound like a bigger cab to some degree.

Demo and comparison videos of all my amp/speaker setups will be forthcoming.

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