Quilter Tone Block Mod!

A Non-Destructive, Easy Modification

I noticed that the spacing of the case screws of the Palmer PDI-09 DI box are identical to that of the rack-mount holes at the rear of the Quilter Tone Block 200. I recently played a show where I planned to try the Tone Block out on the floor with my pedals and go direct into the PA without bringing along my speaker cabinet.

After making up a cheap board out of a piece of wood, which made it difficult to fit everything in my carry bag I lucked upon this discovery of the screw spacing, so now the DI box and the Tone Block become one unit and now don’t need some contraption to carry them together. It worked perfectly and the show was a success.

Here’s a short clip demonstrating the sound of the Tone Block, through the PDI-09, direct into the PA with no speaker cab on stage:

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