Pedalboard Tweaks – It’s Getting There!

Perfection Takes Time

The pedal board is slowly getting closer to being everything I want it to be. Currently everything I’m using is still on the Pedaltrain Nano, but although I like to keep the footprint as small as possible, it’s an unavoidable fact that my needs have outgrown the small size.

I justify that by having an amplifier that fits in the same case as the board and can operate without a speaker cab, so my rig is still going to be small.

I’ve got a backup battery next to the Caline CP-06 rechargeable power supply, which will be feeding the required 5v DC to the Caline, keeping it fully charged until the backup is depleted. This will give me an extra few hours of power as insurance, just in case. The M5 draws 350mA current!

Currently the chain is:

  • Hotone Soul Press wah – funky rhythm and occasional solos.
  • Donner Tutti Love chorus – Clean for soul/groovy numbers.
  • Donner Blues Drive (warm) – Rhythm overdrive, adds some grits and mids.
  • Donner Blues Drive (hot) – Lead boost.
  • Dasetn EP Booster clone – “gain channel” for my amp, basically adds drive, fatness and reduces overall clean headroom as if the amp was already dimed. It’s either on or off, not switched on the fly. When the lead boost is pushing the Dasetn, it gives up this wonderful, tube-like sag and can get into fuzz territory. This pedal is the lynchpin of my board and what enables me to cover so many styles of music with the same gear.
  • Line6 M5 – Mostly delay, but also tremolo, rotary, reverb, octaver, envelope filter and wacky synth sounds.

All powered by the Caline CP-06 rechargeable power supply with 2 power outlets left for when I add the phaser and the MIDI footswitch. WIN!

The noise gate in the M5 has addressed my concerns about noise on stage, by eliminating nearly all of it!

So I’ll probably be getting a larger pedalboard, which is about as big as I would ever want to go (about 17″ x 12″, or 43cm x 31cm). Then I’ll have room too add my Mooer Ninety Orange phaser into the mix and a Tech21 MIDI Moose, providing instant preset selection on the M5 – all on the same board

In addition to that I’ll soon have a footswitch to select two different settings within a preset on the M5. The footswitch acts like an expression pedal at its two extremes (heel-down & toe-down) and is much, much smaller than an expression pedal.

Once this is in place I’ll have huge versatility at my feet in a still, pretty small footprint. That’ll be the rig that I’ll be trying very hard not to change for a good, long while!

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