Pedal Board Status Update April 2017

Latest Board Layout:

The layout is based on an in-line format like my former Pedaltrain Nano, but wider with space left in preparation for a Quilter Micro Block 45 amp.

From Left to Right:

  • Compressor: (nearly always on): Mooer – “Yellow Comp”. Diamond Compressor clone.
  • Phaser: Mooer – “Ninety Orange”. MXR Phase 90 clone.
  • Chorus: Donner – “Tutti Love”. Boss CS2 clone.
  • Overdrive: Donner – “Blues Drive” Tubescreamer clone. Set to push the amp further into breakup.
  • Clean Boost: Movall – Minotaur. A bigger push into breakup.
  • Dirt/Sag: “The Sag” (EP Booster clone). Reduces headroom and goes into distortion before hitting the amp when pushed. Basically acts like a mini, low-power tube amp by itself.
  • Noise Gate: X-Vive – “Noise Gate”. I am considering a Donner “Noise Killer” because it has a soft mode.
  • Delay: Donner – Yellow Fall. Will be replaced soon my a Kokko “Timer”, which has a tap tempo function.

The board is always changing, but over the last year it has not changed too much. Even with different pedals, the core layout has remained pretty much the same.

For a short while the board layout grew a little in complexity in order to bring all amp functionality onto the board without having to touch the amp itself.

That worked quite well, but I remembered a couple of years ago when my board was simpler and from memory, sounded better. In any event, the simplicity is easier to work with when I have less choices to make about what tone to use.

This layout leaves space on the Pedaltrain Metro 16 for the addition of a board-mounted amp and my Palmer PDI-09 speaker-emulated DI box.

I plan to get a Quilter Micro Block 45, pedal-sized amp to put on the board and then I will be able to go straight to the amp to select clean or dirty as my base tone. This may mean I can take an overdrive pedal off the board and keep things even simpler.

The option of a mini wah is now back on the table, so I’m planning on getting a cheap one. I really liked the sound of the Hotone Soul Press, but the pot crapped out pretty quickly. There are other cheap brands that make the same pedal for nearly half the price, so I am considering one of those as long as I can find a source for  replacement pots, so I can do my own maintenence.

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