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Seven FX “Presets” on a Flashback Delay

After creating a tone print for live use that was designed to minimize knob tweaking on stage I figured a way to take it a step further.

Now I can cover pretty much every delay/echo/reverb type effect I need with a quick turn of one knob. I’ve marked “presets” on the DELAY knob for different delay times, repeats and level, automatically suited to each type of delay effect I use.

If that wasn’t enough I added a cool “Fender Vibratone” (rotating speaker) effect which can easily be dialed in from OFF to slow to fast with very little hassle. Keeping the 3 options at hard left, hard right and anywhere between 10 to 2 o’clock on the dial. When playing live it’s easy to quickly select what I need on the fly when I have no time to be too accurate!

Settings in the Toneprint editor are

Model: Tape

DELAY Global settings

  • Saturation: 12dB
  • FB HiCut: 900Hz
  • FB LoCut: 630Hz
  • Dynamic Delay Sensitivity: -14dB
  • Damping: 19dB
  • Release Time: 725ms

MODULATION Global Settings

  • Modulation Type: Vibrato
  • Modulation Active: yes!
  • LFO Waveform: Sine
  • HiCut: 20.0kHz
  • Output Level: 0dB
  • Feedback: 0.0%
  • Feedback HiCut: 1.00kHz


Delay dial:

  • Delay time: 0ms – 160ms – 210ms – 390ms – 430ms
  • Delay Feedback: 0% – 10% – 10% – 20% – 30%
  • Output Level: -6dB – -12dB – -9dB – -3dB – 0dB

Feedback Dial:

  • Modulation Speed: 61.5mHz – 1.70Hz – 1.70Hz – 1.70Hz – 6.00Hz
  • Modulation Depth: 0.0% – 9.5% – 9.5% – 9.5% – 11.0%
  • Modulation Mix: 0% – 80% – 80% – 80% – 100%

Thanks for watching!

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