Nearly-New Strat Build

The “Ocean” Strat

I now have a new basswood body to go with the rosewood-fretted neck from the Big Apple Strat. I am going to try a variation on the candy blue paint job too, layering a candy gold over the silver and under the candy blue. I’m hoping it may result in something similar to Ocean Turquoise or teal.

The paulownia body of the Big Apple Strat proved to be a bit too soft for adequate stability with the bridge screw-holes enlarging from the pull the string tension and the neck pocket being a little too deep, leaving the remaining wood of the heel a bit thin.

I’m still undecided about exact specs for this build, but I do intend to try and rebuild the Big Apple body too by fleshing out the neck pocket with a piece of very hard mahogany and also filling some of the cavities in the body to create a hardtail hybrid of some kind.

Again, still not sure yet, but there are lots of ideas in my head: Maybe a Strat/Tele hybrid with a jazzmaster pickup in the bridge? Who knows? But I do want to try and use up the existing parts I’ve got, so I imagine one or both of my Artec hotrails will figure in there somehow.

It’ll be some time before that project is underway though as I still need to get a nice, chunky maple neck if I can find the right one at the right price.


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