Mooer Blues Mood Demo

Mini Boss Blues Driver Clone

Demo of the Mooer Blues Mood placed in front of an already overdriven amp.

Probably the best price for Mooer pedals around at Donner Deal.

Gear used:
Guitar – Squier Crazy Vibe Strat (formerly CV 60s) with Duncan Designed SC101 bridge+neck pickups (taken from my Vintage Modified 70s Strat) and the stock CV alnico 5 in the middle.

Pedal – Mooer Blues Mood (Keeley-modded Boss Blues Driver clone).

Amp – Quilter Tone Block 200 into Kustom Defender 1×12 cab.

Most overdrive pedals sound better to me when they are used more as boost into an overdriven amp.

Probably why I actually prefer boost pedals to exploit the amps own overdrive character for my drive sounds.

I’ve had this pedal for about a year and it’s been on and off my pedal board regularly. It’s a great sounding pedal, but I find that whilst it sounds lovely for low-gain rhythm work, it tends to only work for me live when used as a full-out boost for leads.

Seeing as I have a boost pedal that I prefer for lead work, this often doesn’t make the lineup for the board.

However I am sure it’ll make a return to the nano board sometime because it’s a pedal that I feel I’m better off keeping, even if it gets little use. It certainly has mojo!

A friend of mine has a stock Boss Blues Driver, so to compare tonally, this pedal is basically the same.

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