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  1. Occasionally you stumble upon someone who can actually do what they say they can in this business.

    I stumbled across Rob from Ksound whilst trying to find someone to master an album on the run. Well Rob’s technical abilities are only eclipsed by his genuine desire to empathise with the music and go the extra mile and find the sweet spot, he’s no boffin, he’s a writer and a musician and it shows. So his clear technical standards are enhanced by his musical integrity.

    I’ve written and recorded many albums, and the power is in the mix / mastering process and Rob found the magic on my project, enough said !

  2. Rob provides an excellent mastering service. I sent him some average sounding tracks and they came back hugely improved in just a few days. Rob also provided really helpful advice on how to get the best sound. I will definitely use this service again.

  3. I could not be more pleased with the work Rob did for me in mastering 8 songs. Not only is he great at his work, but he is a gentleman and a pleasure to do business with. Our communication across the globe was quick and clear and then he finished my tracks in an amazingly fast turnaround.

    And what a terrific value – if he did half the quality in twice the time it would still be a good deal. Stop searching now and just e-mail Rob and get started. Thank me later….. When you hear the results.

  4. After receiving several mastering samples from different businesses, I chose Rob to mix and master my project because his sample was one of the best and I felt very comfortable with him (I didn’t feel like just another customer.) I found Rob honest and very easy to communicate with. Being new to the whole recording process I needed someone patient and understanding which Rob definitely is. He was able to turn an average sounding song in to a master piece. I will be sending all my future recordings to Rob.

  5. What can I say about Robert Cooke and K-Sound? Excellence. I could say that. Lets go with that….he’s personable, he’s friendly, he’s a hard worker and he is top notch. If you want an engineer that will treat you more than just a customer, a number or a wad of cash in his pocket….this is the guy for you. I couldn’t imagine doing music without him at my side busting his behind to turn an amazing work out of my raw materials. My hat’s off to you Robert Cooke, you’re the man!

  6. Rob’s service is one of the best things that has ever happened to my music! No kidding. He took a bunch of fledgling ideas, made suggestions that made sense, gently cajoled me into raising my own standards, then produced the best thing I’ve ever heard. Even now, I listen to the track and can’t quite believe it’s ME on there.

    All of which is reason enough to use Rob’s talents. But you get the added bonus of working with a genuinely nice guy. He’s honest, works hard on your behalf, and he delivers the goods!

  7. There are only two reasons why you should employ Robert. (1) His immense talent, and (2) his incredible level of service.

    I gave Robert a song to mix and master that had been recorded in a questionable room, with questionable equipment. The bass player had not changed his strings, for example, in several years! Truth. I think that the musical intentions were apparent, but the execution was, well, questionable. Robert tweaked and mixed, over many iterations, and made sound awesome what was originally, well, let’s just say, again…questionable. Where the instrumentation was lacking in depth, Robert added, very discretely, an extra guitar part, which was very well played and added perfectly to the final sound, enhancing without compromising the original vision. The final sound was big, the voice sat well in the mix, and all of the instruments were highly articulate.

    In short, Robert’s production, mixing and mastering chops are formidable.

    In terms of his professional personality and work ethic, he is pretty much a walking example of “ideal.” Most importantly, he listens, and listens intelligently. He cares about the artist’s vision, and sees himself as a tool to be used by the artist to achieve that vision. He will not stop working, paying complete attention to the job, until the artist is satisfied. At no time did I feel condescended to, unjustly criticised — I never felt anything less than totally supported in trying to express what I wanted to express. The truth is, this sort of work ethic is really rare in the music business. It’s even rarer to find it in combination with technical and musical skills of the highest order.

    So, talent and integrity.

    Thank you, Robert, for helping me make my music better.

  8. Rob was very busy and still found the time to answer my questions, review the mix and offer yet more help and I didn’t even have to ask. Customer services is sometimes lacking in business today and I find it even more so over the internet. But Rob is the exception. I would recommend his service to anyone who needs it without a second thought.

  9. Rob is a bit of a magician. He worked on 8 songs for me, and took them from being bog standard (at best) demo recordings, with out of tune guitars and stuff all over the place, and turned them into a quality which I did not think was possible. As well as a mix engineer and musician, I see Rob as a proper Producer too. With his patience and clear appreciation for music, he brings out the best in every song.

    He also added some great guitar, bass and drum parts to the songs, further enhancing them. We even re-recorded some guitar and vocal parts on my mobile phone, which Rob mixed into the music incredibly well, to the point where you can’t tell the difference between those parts and the studio recorded parts.

    The best thing about the service, is the personal touch. You really feel that Rob cares about your music, rather than just seeing you as a customer. He was always available, and dedicated as much time to each song as it needed, until it was absolutely right. It is very rare to find someone who is not just looking to get the job done, but to actually treat something like it’s their own and put everything into it.

    I’d without a doubt work with Rob again, and will be contacting him for all of my future recordings!

    Until next time Rob 🙂

  10. My band and i have been never satisfied of the mix of our songs.

    That’s why, for the third attempt, i decided to try online mising, looking for….. sensibility and love of details.
    I agree with all the things Robert says on his website, simple things that deliver the idea of a genuine music craftsman.
    So i thought “this could be the guy”.
    And i was right!
    He’s very kind and professional indeed, but most of all, did something completely different than my previous experiences.

    He really LISTEN to your song and ‘indications’, he’s by your side expecially when your ears ‘know’ how should sound THAT PART, but you are simply unable to explain to others how to get it.
    This is what i was looking for: someone with the sensibility to get my point of view and achieve it or, if it can be improved, work on it and find different solutions.
    We started with one song, then a second one and a third.
    I’m very happy with the results, speed of the work and, last but not least, the price/quality ratio, and soon we’ll work together again for the rest of the songs of the album.
    Thanks Rob!!


  11. My first experience with Rob at K-sound was in January 2014. It was also the first time I tried out online mastering.

    Second time in May/June 2014. Rob is very, very fast in responding to emails and with the his work.

    When you send him a song which is ok but not really glued together yet, you will recieve a great song, well glued together, loud as it needs to be, and sounding just great: Well balanced in tone and in a good dynamic range.

    He never did too much to it. I also had the possibility to send him the same song 2-3 times again, when I spotted a mistake in the general mix or something needed to be re-recorded. He also gave me tricks for fixing a vocal problem and it worked very well. All without any extra charge.

    For the price I paid for 4 songs I would not get one boot in a studio door here in Switzerland. All in all: great guy, much patience, great work, fast contact and email response within minutes or hours, No better prices on the market!

    Jérôme, Switzerland

  12. Robert is an amazing mastering artist and based in the excellent results from my last release Wind & Fire we engaged Robert to do my new album Savage Steel!

    Listening now and it is great work he does. The album is ready to go with a hot sound at a fraction of the big guys rates but with comparable results!

    Two thumbs up!

    Pat Savage

  13. Best value for money on the internet. Fantastic quality work from a genuine honest person. Wouldn’t go to anybody else.
    Thanks Rob.

  14. As an independent label, we went through a lot of hassle in producing our artist material. Since 2007, we recorded all stuff in our own studio and mixed the tracks ourselves. We had various tracks that has been mastered by few engineers before, but we kept on searching for new satisfaction. When I met Rob Cooke online, i just gave a try for 1 single. And the result was excellent.
    Since then, Karonasound is our preferred mastering partner as we grow in producing new local talent.
    I take him as a friend and Rob, he’s an easy guy to work with and very helpful.
    He definitely know what he’s doing…two thumbs up!!

  15. Rob provides an excellent service at a very reasonable price. He has remastered several of my tracks ranging from a four-piece band to solo acoustic guitar. All have sounded so much better than the original. They are louder, richer and he has even managed to smooth out a lot of the mistakes I made during recording. In addition, he turns things round really quickly. My most recent track was remastered and posted to me in less than 24 hours. Highly recommended.

  16. I came across Rob’s offer on FAWM to master my work. I recorded and mixed my own acoustic album in my room at home with relatively cheap gear. Rob was able to take my work sound more professional, more dynamic, and make my whole project have 1 feel that blends perfectly from song to song. He is extremely professional and kind, and works quickly. I am very happy with his mastering skills!

  17. Sent Rob a electronic dance song that I have been working on for sometime now. I did the mix down myself but needed someone to master it that knew what they were doing. Rob took my track to the next level. His service was very good, fast and well priced. I HIGHLY recommend him !! 🙂

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