Rates & Terms

£95 per song
For a project consisting of more than one song, the price can be negotiated.

£15 per song.
A batch of 8 to 10 songs is £110.

A personalized quote and terms will be made specifically for your project.

Terms & Conditions

Projects are subject to a 50% deposit up-front. The remaining 50% will be payable after the project has reached official completion*.

There is no limit to the amount of adjustments required to finish the work to the client’s satisfaction, but once the project material has been received by me and confirmed between myself and the client, any additional material (e.g. extra overdubs etc) will incur extra charges, unless I specifically request extra material myself.

After official completion* has been reached, any further changes or work regarding the project will be charged at the above rates as a new project.

*Official completion: is when I have produced a finished mix/master of the client’s project to their satisfaction, approved in writing by the client. (via email) or if 30 days has elapsed after delivery without any written approval having been received from the client.

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