Line6 Stompbox Modeller Passes Litmus Test

Currently my concerns of having such a big pedal with such a high current draw on my Nano board have been laid to rest. The Line6 M5 Stompbox Modeller was put to the test a few days ago at a wedding gig and performed admirably.

I had the power supply on standby in case I was caught short and had a stage breakdown, but happily there was nothing but smooth operation.

Here’s why I had concerns: The Line6 M5 draws about 350mA of current, which I would normally stay well away from seeing as I use a rechargeable power supply on my board and try to take no risks in maintaining power to my pedals. Also the pedal is so large it takes up about 40% of the space of my Pedaltrain Nano.

However my newest power supply is a Caline CP-06, which has 8 separate, 9V power outlets (all of 100mA each except one, which handles up to 500mA). I’m sure this would never have worked with my Volto power supply. The Caline CP-06 also holds a charge of about 8500mAh, which is more than the Volto too, so it has plenty of charge and plenty of current capability – proven now in a real world situation. Oh and, importantly, zero power supply noise!

The noise suppressor on the M5, active even when in bypass is a huge bonus and kept my background noise low enough to effectively be non-existent. When my biggest boost/lead setting is on, it cuts out loads of noise, making me sound more professional!

I’m using the M5 mostly for delay. I have a dotted 1/8th and a quarter note preset for rhythmic delays and a quieter 1/8th note one for more ambient lead stuff. All the same model to keep things consistent. It still feels like overkill having such a huge chunk on my pedalboard, but at least it keeps me from adding too many individual pedals!

So for now, this is my rig and it’s got me covered!


Now it seems I have an idea of how long the power supply charge lasts with this setup: about 5 hours or so. That’s not bad considering the power the M5 requires. It’ll carry me through pretty much any gig I play as long as I remember to turn the power supply off between sets! With nothing but low-draw, analogue pedals I’d say the charge on the Caline CP-06 should last a pretty long time.

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