The June 2017 Migration!

In June, The Fender Blog will be moving. It will be joining my main site Rob C Music, where it will become part of a wider focused music-related site, assuming I am able to successfully migrate the blog whilst keeping my SEO juice and traffic!

As a songwriter, musician & producer I will be able to more effectively link my guitar-tinkering content with my musical content and studio services, which will mean it will be easier to combine all my interests under one banner with less confusion and hopefully, more value to you!

The blog at Rob C Music will in due course include more than just guitar-related posts, such as new songs, project news, recording tips and maybe a move into more things like tutorials and guitar lessons.

The big task ahead involves me going through certain processes to try and ensure that the traffic numbers and search results of The Fender Blog are maintained whilst being moved to a new domain altogether. It’s a challenge (for me), but I’m up for it!

In summary, Rob C Music hosted at will be home to the following:

  • All my songwriting content

  • All my studio services (originally at

  • All my guitar-related nuttiness (originally at

Look out for some new stuff too, like high-quality backing tracks for guitarists and maybe some studio/production tips.

Thanks for all the support at The Fender Blog so far. You rock!