Jazz Bass Resurrection

Projects are always more fun when you suddenly think of them and in the next moment just get started on them.

This is what happened with the Jazz Bass re-finishing project. I stumbled on some cool pictures on the web of various guitar finishes and decided to fix up my bass. It’s not a big deal if it goes wrong you see, so if it works out well I’ll progress onto a more important guitar re-finish, like a new build from choice parts (I’m really keen on building an upside down Strat), which will have to be white with a maple fingerboard!

For now though I can indulge in giving the bass a makeover. Two tins of white applied as the base coat.


The first two photos are after the first applicationĀ and the next two are after both applications.

After that will be the colour – Sky blue (if I don’t decide to keep it white… It looks quite nice already).

The patches you can see in the pictures are where the original, black paint was sanded through to the wood at an earlier date when I wanted to strip the body down to bare wood and finish it with a Wudtone oil-based finish. This body is so deeply sealed with some substance that it rendered that idea impossible, so a solid colour it will be.

That’s good really. Quicker to do and loads cheaper.

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