Jazz Bass Reincarnation

Now the top, clear coat has been applied and now the real test begins. Patience is the key from now on. I need to give it plenty of time for the lacquer to fully cure. Thankfully I have family visiting for the month of June, so I can put the J Bass to one side and forget about it without much temptation to get back to it for a month as I’ll be pleasantly occupied already.

Good timing really because without such a distraction from the project I would do what I normally end up doing and that’s getting impatient and that would ruin what is, so far a very smooth-running paint job.

This is my first ever spray paint re-finish, so I’m very pleased with it, even though it’s far from perfect.

The headstock will not be lacquered now though. I want to add a transfer decal, but I have to wait for one to be in stock and then order it and wait for it to arrive. I have tidied it up around the edges though and it’s looking very nice.

I also experimented with painting the pickguard black. I don’t know if it will work long term, but I thought it’s worth trying, seeing as I won’t be using it in white anyway. If it works then it’ll save me having to wait for a black pickguard to arrive in the mail and wondering if the holes will line up with the ones in the body.

So far it looks like it’ll do the job. Two passes of black and two coats of clear lacquer.

So now I can focus on other things while the parts cure for the next 4 weeks or so when I’ll be enjoying my holiday with my folks!

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