Jazz Bass Evolution

The top coat has been applied and the 2008 Squier California J-Bass is starting to look sexy!

Being very limited to choice of colours, seeing as I wanted to spend as little money as possible and sourced the paint from a mainstream DIY store (Home Pro) the “Sky Blue” that I found seems to be close enough for my liking to Fender’s Daphne or Sonic Blue.

I used to have a Daphne Blue Japanese Fender Strat and this colour is not a world away from that. The icing on the cake for me is the colour-coded headstock. I need to tidy up the edges, but it looks great and now I think the J Bass is going to continue life as an inspiring beauty instead of a dependable, but ugly work horse.

So to be left for about 24 hours when the clear coat will be applied. I only have one tin of that, so I imagine I’ll need another to be sure. So far it’s going well and I’m very pleased with the progress, but the real work begins after the clear coat and the buffing/finishing.

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