How to Avoid Damaging a Jazz Bass

A Casualty of Carelessness

A very quick and to-the point post. My newly refinished Squier Jazz bass suffered a fall today and now has a wacking-great dent carved in it. Fortunately it’s on the back, no damage on the front of the bass, except a small dent on the edge of the fretboard (doesn’t impair performance).

The lesson: Not to prop it up on top of a shelf unit 4-feet off the floor without some kind of reliable anchoring in place. time to get some wall hangers for my guitars!

It was very lucky that my newly refinished Squier Classc Vibe Strat was in my hands at the time of the fall, otherwise it would have been on the stand below, which the bass fell right onto. I would have had two damaged instruments otherwise.

So take heed and store your guitars properly!

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