Guitar Gear Status Jan 2015

Latest Tweaks

Current guitar rig setup as of January 2015. It’s likely to change in the next week, but if the change sticks for a while I’ll do another gear status for February!

Mods applied between August and October 2014 to both Strats: 7-way, solderless wiring harness. Push/push volume pot activates neck pickup in any switch position, enabling 2 extra sounds – neck & bridge together and all 3 pickups.

CV Strat has the previous stock Duncan Designed SC101 pickups from the VM Strat.

VM Strat has a Seymour Duncan Twangbanger in the bridge and a second Duncan Designed SC101 middle pickup in the neck position to provide hum canceling when using neck/bridge.

Quilter Tone block – Acquired in October 2014 plus Kustom Defender 1×12 cab acquired in November 2014.

Pedal Board:
Pedaltrain Nano with: AMT Japanese Girl Wah, Mooer “Ninety Orange” phaser, 2 Donner “Boost Killer” boosts, a Donner “Yellow Fall” delay and a TC-Electronic “Flashback mini” delay.

The pedal board is subject to change at any time and usually does from gig to gig as all you fellow guitar tweakers will understand!

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