Gear Updates for July 2015

After an insanely obsessive over-indulgent phase regarding my pedalboard setup(s) I have regained some mental stability again. I hope it lasts this time.

Despite the relative normality of my nano pedal board now I still have more pedal-related episodes to follow.

I spent too much time building a pedal board that was as small as possible, but housed as many pedals as possible. It measured 13″ by 8″ and had 2 rows of mini pedals including a wah – a total of 11 pedals. Not bad!

However it became obvious that I really didn’t need so many pedals for live use as it was too distracting, but silly me forgot to take a photo of said pedal board and already I’ve cut it down to a smaller size. Now it’s a tad smaller than my Pedaltrain Nano and currently a backup board.

Anyway, now the nano board is in good shape and the time I spend indulging in pedal selection, order of placement etc. has shown me what I think works best for my setup. I can now go from clean to breakup, overdrive, flat out boost and even into fuzz/extreme sag territory, plus some essentials that enable me to cope with any style of music I’m likely to play.

The pedals are as follows in order:

All powered by a Caline CP-06 rechargeable Li-ion power supply. I still have my pedaltrain volto to hand, but the Caline has separate outputs, seems to introduce less noise and holds more charge (about 8000mAh I believe)

My other small mod this month was adding white knobs to my Vintage Modified Strat, so now I have let it go “Full Gilmour”, except I don’t have a toggle switch for the neck pickup I have a push/push pot and I can’t play like Dave Gilmour.

… and of course there is the big project, the refinishing job, which is nearing completion. I have impressed myself with my patience on this one. It’s turned out great despite the few small errors like the one pictured.

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