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Here I demonstrate a custom Toneprint that I created to try and make my life easier when gigging. It automatically takes care of the fx level for me to work with whatever sound I have selected at the time!

I also customized the range of the dials to make it quicker to dial in my use commonly used delay times/repeats.

Settings in the Toneprint editor are:
Delay dial:
Delay time – 179ms (min) – 431ms (max)
FB HiCut – 1.25kHz (min) – 800Hz (max)
Saturation – 0db (min) – 12dB (max)

Feedback dial:
Feedback – 0% (min) – 50% (max)

Global settings:
FB LoCut – 630Hz
Dynamic Delay Sensitivity: -14dB
Damping – 19dB
Release Time – 359ms

(Modulation inactive)

Thanks for watching!

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