Donner Blues Drive Demo

Mini Ibanez Tube Screamer Clone

Demo of the Donner Blues Drive placed in front of an already overdriven amp.

Unbelievable bang for the buck – very low price, free shipping.

Gear used:

  • Guitar – Squier Crazy Vibe Strat (formerly CV 60s) with Duncan Designed SC101 bridge+neck pickups (taken from my Vintage Modified 70s Strat) and the stock CV alnico 5 in the middle.
  • Pedal – Donner Blues Drive (Ibanez TS808/TS9 Tube Screamer clone).
  • Amp – Quilter Tone Block 200 into Kustom Defender 1×12 cab.

Most overdrive pedals sound better to me when they are used more as boost into an overdriven amp.

This is a great sounding pedal. TheTube Screamer is famous for a pronounced mid hump and quite a lot of low end rolloff, which is why some people don’t like them and others love them. personally for me this is a great tone to cut through the mix on stage and leaving the low end for the bass player to cover while you rise above the bass and take your true position as a lead guitarist, out in front!

This pedal does exactly what you will expect if you know the Tube Screamer. I don’t always have this on my board, but it’s currently on there providing a 2nd overdrive rhythm tone in addition to my default overdrive rhythm tone (the amp straight). In my opinion this pedal works great with gain on minimum and level up high as a mid boost, but not so great with the gain turned up. I use it to push my amp further into its own distortion range rather than add the distortion of the pedal.

Not for everybody this pedal, but I like its tight, focused sound. I used to have a Mooer Green Mile and this is basically the same pedal, but half the price.

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