Crazy Vibe Facelift

Just thought it made it look a little more interesting. This colour scheme actually looks slightly¬†better on the black Vintage Modified Strat with a 3-ply, black-white-black pickguard, but I wanted to keep the white pickups on plain black on that one. The white pickups don’t look right on the Crazy Vibe and they don’t sound as good in the Crazy Vibe either.

Interestingly, these SC101s in the CV do not sound so good in the Vintage Modified either (even though they are the stock pickups in the VM).

It’s worth a mention that the Crazy Vibe sounds sweeter and softer than the Vintage Modified, even with the same pickups, so I guess the neck and body woods do make a lot of difference. However, this guitar also has a Graphtech Tusk XL nut and the VM has Callaham saddles, so those¬†are also factors to consider.

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