Crazy Plans for the Crazy Vibe Strat

Yes I’m probably crazy, but if I don’t act on this impulse now then it’ll keep bugging me and I’ll always be thinking about refinishing the Crazy Vibe Strat, which will mean it’ll always feel like it’s yet to fulfill its potential.

So deciding to refinish the guitar after the initial refinish I did nearly 2 years ago never worked out as planned (although I did like the results – mostly) is not the crazy decision. What is a little crazy is that I’ve decided to repaint it the exact same colour as the Squier Jazz Bass that I have just painted (and not yet completed).

Why on earth would I choose to do another refinishing project so soon and the exact same colour. Isn’t that a bit boring? Well if I’d known I was going to suddenly feel the need to repaint the Strat before I started the J-bass I would have painted the bass a different colour to Daphne blue and then I would have a variety of colours. As it is I cannot change the fact that there has been a desire to have a pale blue Strat for years. I had a Japanese ’62 reissue in Daphne blue and wish I still had it. It was a wonderful guitar, so if I’m going to respray the thing then there really isn’t any other colour option to consider.

Other factors are practicalities. This “Sky blue” colour that I got locally, which is cheap has come out the perfect hue on the Jazz Bass and really looks close to what I consider to be a typical “classic” Fender colour. I could try another off-the-shelf cheapie can of paint, but it might not come out at all nice. The Sky blue has already given me confidence in the quality of the finish, so there is no risk.

The Jazz Bass will have a black pickguard (it looks great with the chrome contrast of the control plate). The Strat will have a mint-green or aged white pick guard and so the two finishes won’t look completely identical.

I may or may not colour-code the headstock, but currently I am leaning toward the side of making it colour-coded.

I forgot how much I love a pale blue guitar. To me it’s a rock ‘n’ roll colour. Currently the CV Strat looks nice, but if I were to define it’s looks in a word I would say it looks more “Jazz”. It’s time I put some Rock ‘n’ Roll back into the CV Strat!

It’s coming apart  after I finish writing this. I aim to get the finish completed within the next week before my family visits from the UK and then both the bass and the Strat will have a long, healthy curing period to be left alone!

Gotta be done… and in truth, there is no such thing as crazy when you live in a world of guitars!

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