Cheap Tango Strat Delivers in Spades!

“Custom Shop” Bargain!

Having been a long-time player of vintage Gibsons, Fenders and Custom-Shop guitars I feel I have enough experience of a so-called “Real” guitar to know what a good one feels and plays like.

I rarely dwell on the tone of a guitar because it’s so subjective and can be altered easily with either a change of pickups or choosing a different setting on your amplifier.

So it is with the confidence I have gained from years of experience that I am happy about the fact that my cheap partscaster – the “Tango Strat” is as good as any production guitar from Fender, except maybe the finish. I doubt a new Fender guitar would have the flaws in the paintwork from the factory that this guitar has, but who’s going to notice except me most of the time anyway?

Seeing as I already had the pickups in the first place, my guitar build came way under budget. I was aiming at putting together a custom guitar for around the same price as my Vintage Modified Strat, which I got new for the bargain price of 10,000 Thai Baht. (roughly £200).

In the end I estimate it cost about £160 with the neck being the most expensive part at £70.

It’s settled in nicely. The biggest thing I did that really sorted out the playability was a neck shim (part of a business card). I’m really pleased that I bit the bullet and started this project as it’s come out as good as any guitar I would have been able to buy new, except it’s actually better because it matches all my personal specifications from the beginning. That’s something that normally comes at a premium.

This is definitely a bargain. Talking of bargains, I am waiting to start the next project, which isn’t too in-depth. The SX Strat I won on Ebay for £40 is still in the UK and when I eventually get hold of it I’ll put the plans I have for it in motion.

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