Candy Blue Strat Facelift

Last Minute Costume Change for the New Year

Another spur-of-the-moment decision tonight saw me replace the cream pickguard of the Candy Blue Strat to a black one. In fact it is the original black pickguard that was on the guitar when new – it’s a Squier Vintage Modified 70s Strat.

There was nothing wrong with the cream one, but I really wanted to know what it looked like with the black pickguard and looking at pictures of other guitars on the web wasn’t quite enough for me to know for sure, so I just tried it out.

I like it. I would have replaced all the plastic parts with black if the hotrail wasn’t set at the colour it is. It has no cover that can be changed, If I ever get another one of those Artec hotrails I’ll get a black one and change all the hardware to black.

However, that is probably not likely as I have decided on a new guitar build project for sometime in 2017; another Strat… obviously! So far I’m thinking of a vibrant Candy Apple Red, black pickguard and parts, two PAF-voice humbuckers or P90s and something interesting for the neck. I won’t say what that is yet, but it’ll either look amazing or ridiculous!

I will, in the new year upload a quick demo of the candy blue Strat with the Artec hot rail. It’s pretty good!

Other news:
It was a pleasant surprise to be informed that The Fender Blog was featured in a list of the top 75 guitar blogs on the web. Thanks to Feed Spot for the mention, it was a nice way to top off the year.

Also this new year’s eve a couple of my Strats will be singing the night away for the¬†celebrations and earning their keep, where I’ll be performing. The Tango Strat will be making its live debut!


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