Brake the Fake – Rob C

New Album was Released August 28th

With so much turmoil going on in the world with no real idea of who or what can be fully trusted it was the right time to put together this record.

The songs were already written & tracked and seemed to fit with what I wanted to express, so after re-tracking some vocals and mixing them well enough to coincide with the deadline I set myself, “Brake the Fake” was born.

It was not much work really. I was already happy with the arrangements in the demos I’d recorded. The ground work was done. It’s helped fire me up to actually put many of my past-written songs in the “Completed” pile. Maybe I can get some use out of them – finally!

Brake the Fake has a predominantly rock feel to it. It’s not meant to be polite or smooth sounding!

You can listen to the record as much as you like and you can also click “buy” to buy it if you like!

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