Black ‘n’ Blue Strat Aesthetic Tweaks

A Vast Improvement

I went ahead and tried it: Changing the colour of the rail pickup to black. All hail the black sharpie! It worked! I also changed the plastic parts to black.

The surface of the Artec rail pickup is textured, not smooth, so the black pen seems to have stayed put. It isn’t likely to rub off.

A longer term plan is to get another trem. arm with a black tip, so I don’t have to change the tip on this one. If I ever change the look again I can swap the arms over without the hassle of changing arm tips (a real PITA!).

It will be a good excuse to try out a short arm like the Dave Gilmour spec’d Strat.

I like this look a lot now. The Big Apple Strat, which is in progress will basically be the same format as this one except candy apple red. The black really brings out the vividness of these candy colours, which I really like.

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