Big Apple Strat Early Stages

Body Has Been Painted

It’s not perfect, but it still looks really cool. In the end I dowsed it with quite a lot more clear coat than I normally do. In total it was nearly 4 cans of spray.

It’s a fair deal brighter than the candy apple red of the Tele Custom I did last year, which I attribute to the silver base as opposed to the gold base I used before. This is what I intended and I think the addition of a black pickguard and parts will be a striking combination with this colour.

Pickup and wiring will likely be as follows:

  • Artec Hotrail in the bridge
  • Alnico 5 single coils in neck & middle
  • 5-way switch with standard pickup selections
  • Bridge-on option┬ávia a rescessed mini toggle switch (enabling the magic bridge & neck together).


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