2×8 Custom Fly-Rig Cabinet

Tiny, 300w ready for the Stage

It measures 46cm x 27cm x 20cm (11″ x 10.5″ x 8″), contains two 8″, high-power Celestion drivers, it can handle 300 watts and weighs just under 7.5kg (16.5lbs).

Apart from maybe a 1×8 I don’t think you can get a more compact gig-worthy guitar cab and I mean, really gig-worthy.

These same speakers sound better than they did when housed in my modified Fender Princeton Recording Amp cabinet to my ears. Seeing as the Fender amp is no more I decided to sacrifice the cabinet, which was too heavy for my liking and use it as a donor for parts towards this cabinet. However, the corner protectors were too big, so I took these corners off my Orange PPC108 1×8 cab, which is likely to just stay hanging around here in the studio for occasional use anyway.

I decided to continue my own little, running joke of keeping the “Fender” logo. I’d say it looks a little like a Fender tube, spring reverb unit!

It’ll be gigged soon, so I will be able to report on whether my hasty, bold claim is true about it being gig-worthy, although I’m pretty sure it will be because these speakers already have served me well enough in the other cab. I wanted to see how far I could push the miniaturization of my rig and still sound like I wasn’t compromising on tone.

Fortunately for me I’ve never been a guitarist who needs (or wants) loads of bottom end on my tone, so these 8″ drivers suit me. They have plenty of midrange and always cut through the mix on stage. Whilst not being bass heavy, this cab still sounds way-less boxy than I expected it would and I think  it’s a little more evenly balanced throughout the midrange than the bigger, open-backed cab before. The imminent stage-level test will confirm if this is true or not.

My happy accident of not having enough wood for the baffle to completely fill the front was a blessing in disguise. I think the 1″ gap at the bottom is a contributing factor to the tone of this cab. The bottom corners of the baffle are also floating, so that may be causing the baffle to resonate more than if it were screwed down on all corners.

Being able to handle 300 watts and therefore my 200w Quilter ToneBlock 200, this cab plus the Tone Block will also be able to serve as a small bass or keyboard amp and maybe even an acoustic guitar amp with a decent acoustic preamp.

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